Digital Amigos it's a creative collective that was found In Amsterdam by two brothers Chris Rudz and Andrzej Rudz.

We cherish artistic freedom, communication between people, collaboration rather than competition, philosophy as much as mindless fun and above all – love.
Guided by those principles and combining with our passion for storytelling we would like to provide highest quality of visual and media content.


Born and rised in Madrid, Spain, Hugo began studying graphical arts and digital creation at the High School of Professional Drawing in Madrid. There he acquired knowledge in different areas of visual development such as drawing, colour, 3D, traditional animation and his long time favorite: anatomical drawing, 

Hugo moved to NY to go in depth in his technical skills on lifedrawing and painting at The Grand Central Academy and Art Student League,until he returned to Madrid, to go on with a multimedia course on motion graphics.





Hey, I'm Filip Piskorzynski.
Born in Poland in march 83.
Lived in Germany since 87.
Now traveling the world making films, photos & music,
at home on planet earth ;)
c u!